Our Team

Current Research Scholars

Moon Kedia

Senior Research Fellow (IoE)
M.Sc. - Pondicherry University

Upasana Phukon

Senior Research Fellow (CSIR)
M.Sc. - Cotton University

Reema L. Borkar

Senior Research Fellow (CSIR)
M.Sc. - P.E.S’s R.S.N College of Arts and Science
Goa University

P. Vengadeshwaran

Senior Research Fellow (CSIR)
M.Sc. - Thiagarajar College, MKU

Sujeet Kumar

Junior Research Fellow (UoH)
M.Sc. - Central University of South Bihar

Current Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. M. Abinaya

Post Doctoral Fellow (IoE)
Ph.D. – SASTRA Deemed to be University

Isha Mishra

Post Doctoral Fellow (IoE)
Ph.D - University of Hyderabad
M.Sc. Gold Medalist
Central University of Rajasthan

Former Ph.D. Research Scholars

Dr. Rajakannu

Department of Chemistry
The Gandhigram Rural Institute (GRI)

Dr. B. Shankar

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Thiagarajar College of Engineering

Dr. Deepak

Guest Faculty
Department of Applied Chemistry
Delhi Technological University

Dr. K. R. Soumya

Assistant Professor
St. Xavier's College for Women
Aluva, Kerala.

Dr. Mamina

Post Doctoral Fellow
CIC biomaGUNE, Radiochemistry and Nuclear Imaging

Former PostDoctoral Fellows

Dr. Elumalai

Dr. Priya

Dr. Kiran

Dr. Shruthi Bayya

MS Research Group

MS group focuses on the design and self-assembling functional supramolecular architectures, (a) C3-symmetric organic supramolecules containing noncovalent heterocyclic trimers and (b) rhenium-carbonyl-based complexes including acyclic complexes, helicates, mesocates, 2D/3D-metallocycles, and cages and explore their potential applications in molecular sensors, antiviral, and anticancer agents.